Reading the Four Hour Work Week inspired me to set dreams not goals. So when I began this blog half a year ago I made a six-month dreamline, which has been posted at the bottom of the right column of the blog since.

Well it’s been six months so let’s take a look at how I did:

1) Start a business – Yes. When I wrote my dreamline I had stepped off Wall Street to follow the entrepreneurial path. With a trip to Argentina, a ton of research, and lots of talking to experts Jaspar and I choose to pursue personal outsourcing. This past Thursday I saw a live version of, which will be up, and running by the end of this month. We move into our new office space at Santa Monica airport in November. While, we have yet to make a dollar, everything is in place. I started a business.

2) Become fluent in Spanish – Yes (sort of). My worst subject in high school was Spanish. I didn’t take a single Spanish class in college. But when the prospect of moving to Argentina emerged I decided I needed to become fluent. Over the past six months I have done hours of flash cards, Rosetta Stone, and one-on-one tutoring/conversation. I learned about 10 times as much in this period as I did in four years of high school. That said I am not yet fluent. But I can carry on a conversation about current events, politics and business with just about anyone (providing they slow down the pace of conversation “Más despacio, por favor!”)

3) Learn to cook – Yes. I’m no Mario Batali, okay I’m not even Rich Reyes. But I have learned my way around the kitchen. With a four-week course at the New School of Cooking in Culver City I acquired the skills to properly feed myself when left alone, and even make a proper dinner for a date (if that opportunity were to ever arise along with everything else).

4) Move to another country – No. Don’t cry for me Argentina! When I wrote this I was convinced I would be heading towards summer Porteño style by this point. This hasn’t happened because of TaskUs. Our target customer is American, the infrastructure we are reliant upon is most reliable in America, but most of all like the infant child it is, TaskUs has demanded all of my money, leaving me unable to afford moving, even to a cheap country like Argentina. Tim Ferris wouldn’t stand for these excuses, but the “reality” of my circumstances prevailed in this instance. I will make life in another country and international travel top priorities on future dream lines.

On that note I am currently dreaming up what to do next. Any suggestions?

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