Being surrounded by tech start-ups I am beginning to realize that creativity is a requirement for competitiveness in my generation. Hard work and smarts are great but without a creative approach to our business and our politics failure is almost certain.

Clearly this is the case of the technology industry, where web start-ups like Busuu are offering the ability to learn a foreign language from native speakers in a simple exchange of services. One of life current goals is to become fluent in Spanish. Busuu has introduced me to a group of Spanish speakers who want to learn English. I’ll spend an hour a day online with one of these people, half an hour speaking Spanish and half an hour speaking English.

Jaspar and I are having our business cards designed and printed this week. But web-startup dropcard may make do away with the business card entirely. By signing up with dropcard, I can build a virtual business card that can be delivered to anyone’s email address in PDF and V.Card format.

But demands for creativity have moved for beyond the technology industry. Take billboard advertising for instance. With the advent of digital billboards advertisers are now able to present location and time specific advertisement. The Beat, a radio station in LA used this feature this summer to present the song that was playing on the radio station at that moment. Advertisments for Eagle Eye, a movie coming out this Friday, have used the location of the billboard to scare viewers into seeing the movie: “Pico and Gateway, if you wan to live you will obey.”

I have friends who are working on the technology to do person specific advertisements. So if I was driving past the Eagle Eye advertisement it might say: “Bryce Maddock if you want to live you will obey.” A little scary, yes.

As individuals and as a nation: we must be creative to stay competitive.

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