Physical activity is essential for my sanity. If I sit around too much I get stir crazy. I start to feel lazy, worthless and depressed. In a strange (and somewhat masochistic) way I feel I must work out to feel good about myself during the day. I know that this mindset isn’t the healthiest, but exercise does keep me grounded.

Until recently I have followed the classic male (meathead) work out philosophy: get buff! Lift heavy weights, the hell with the rest. My muscles grew, while my hamstrings tightened and my endurance all but disappeared. Now I employ a more balanced routine, a routine that includes two days of intense yoga a week. Not only is yoga great for flexibility but it is an incredible way to inject a sense of perspective and balance into the day.

I alternate between yoga at 24 Hour Fitness (where free classes are included with my $29 per month membership) and Maha Yoga (where one class costs $15). Big price difference, I know. But as I listened to “4 Minutes”, while getting into a crescent pose next to Russell Simmons this past Saturday, I thought this is totally worth it.

(For the record Rush is one of my entrepreneurial idols. Second only to Richard Branson).

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