Ok so I gave in. After watching Jaspar stream mobile music on Pandora, get directions while driving, and have light saber battles with himself, I gave in. I bought myself the iPhone.

This WAS NOT a decision of impulse. In fact, unbeknownst to me, the series of events that would bring me an my iPhone together started last week. I got sick (see Sickness). When the fever broke Sunday it left me with a nasty cough. Solution: drink lots of tea. Which is just what I was doing as I sat on the porch Tuesday night waiting for Jaspar to pick me up. I took slow small sips of my favorite tea for coughs, Throat Coat. The tea was hot enough to leave my mouth feeling momentarily numb after each sip. When Jas pulled in the driveway, I jog into the kitchen to drop of the tea, mug in one hand, Blackberry 8800 in the other. My last gulp of the piping hot tea caused me to convulse, slamming my Blackberried fist down on to the counter. As my body temperature returned too normal I noticed my Blackberry had turned off. Turned off, never to be turned on again.

Always wanting to make the most of every opportunity I went into the ATT store the next day, convincing them to upgrade my account early. $300 and 16 gigabytes later I was the proud, albeit late, owner of a black iPhone.

The purchase did not come without guilt. Am I being wasteful, spending too much? My decision was not impulsive, but it was indulgent, sure.

But now that my buyers remorse has cleared I have discovered just how incredible this device is. For example, using the iPhone app store I downloaded an mobile application called BlackBook. This app uses the iPhone’s GPS to find where I am in the world in order to recommend the best eateries, bars and clubs near by. Or, Shazam, which allows me put the iPhone up to any song I am hearing, tells me what song I am listening to, who the artist is, and finally links to iTunes so I can purchase it if I want. I can get both my personal and business email, surf the actual internet (no mobile browsers a la Blackberry here), and get directions instantly.

Now I am thinking there maybe some iPhone app development in this entrepreneurs future…

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