From an entrepreneurial standpoint, this has been the most exciting week of the summer. At TaskUs, we have our final designs, we are less than one month away from going live with the service and we have begun hiring experts from all over the world to provide personal assistance to all of our clients. This business is finally beginning to come to life. I can’t explain how excited I am for this. It’s the closest thing I have ever experienced to having a child. No joke.

But, like having a child, there’s flipside. Long working hours, stress filled, sleepless nights, and the constant fears that come with starting any business. On top of this my brother left for college Tuesday, I worked the weekend with a body temperature of 102 and as my workload has increased my social life has all but disappeared.

Exhaustion is the enemy of work ethic, creativity and kindness. It infects the work environment. So tonight (after I watch Barack) I am going to bed at 9, and praying for a tranquil and full night of sleep. Let’s hope little Tasky doesn’t start crying in the middle of the night.

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