For all those who love New York City, Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland is your book. Having dedicated myself to non-fiction and self-help of recent, this New York centered novel was a welcome change of pace.

I worked in a talent agency one summer during college, and did a ton of coverage (script summaries). Every piece of coverage starts with a one-sentence description that references other films (It’s Donnie Darko meet Mean Girls, or Apocalypse Now in space).

Netherland is The Great Gatsby meets the 21st century.

It is a book about post-September 11th New York, about life’s search for meaning, about family frustrations, about the problem of a narrative self, and above all about the current incarnation of the American dream. Needless to say now, it is dense reading. Netherland demands your attention and curiosity but it is worth every minute.

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