The process of starting my own business has introduced me to a lot of other young entrepreneurs. From voice mail transcription to group dating websites I have become good friends with entrepreneurs that run the gamut of creativity. Meeting other entrepreneurs who are ambitious, persistent and innovative is always inspiring. One entrepreneur who has long inspired me is Erik Kimel.
Erik started Peer2Peer Tutors his senior year in high school with the simple belief that students learn better from other students than they do from professional tutors. His model for student to student education caught on so well in his hometown of Potomac, Maryland that he was soon challenging for-profit education giants like Kaplan for dominance in the Montgomery County. Peer2Peer employed and trained juniors and seniors from local high schools to tutor their younger peers. Student tutors learned the lessons of teaching and earned money, tutored students got great role models and excellent education and parents were given a guaranty of results.

Through the persistent pursuit of his idea Erik built a thriving business that benefited all involved. He has employed 300 high school students to date, provided tutoring services for hundreds more and won many awards in the process, including Bethesda Magazine’s Best Tutoring Company in 2007. This is the model I look to when I’m asked the type of business I want to create. Peer2Peer has since spread from Maryland to Virginia with plans for an online platform and future geographical growth. For more information check out their website

  1. August 11, 2008

    Wow, that’s great! I was a former tutor during my college days. I am a mechanical engineer and true my fellow students would prefer me to teach them rather than professional tutors.

    As an entrepreneur, you might be interested in watching It is a great movie by Louis Lautman. So many things to learn from the lives of young entrepreneur millionaires.

  2. August 11, 2008

    Thanks Makya. I really liked the Yes Movie preview and signed up for their email blasts.

    Keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

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