Today I had my first experience with jury duty. I decided to use the opportunity to take advantage of Twitter, a popular new social network that allows friends to stay constantly updated on the comings and goings of people they know. Here’s how it works:

Here’s my story. I was summoned to the Los Angeles City Center for Criminal Justice:

7:42 A.M. Tweet: “jury duty all day”

8:53 A.M. Tweet: “In the jury selection room, they just announced “last call”, last chance for postponement. Three people jumped up and hurried toward the front, escaping.”

8:56 A.M. Tweet: “ ‘Ladies and Gentlemen you’ve officially reached the point of no return, welcome to jury duty’. “

10:05 A.M. Tweet: “Just got called…here we gooooooo!”

I was summoned to a the Civil Court. Where I entered a large very professional looking courtroom. It was strangely, exactly as I had imagined it. Burly lawyers, an authoritative female bailiff, and an elderly judge so bored with the process he struggled to keep his eyes open. There I sat and listened to both sides of the Asbestos lawsuit. It was actually fascinating. But the 5 week estimated trial time was too much. Given my current financial situation, I need TaskUs up and rolling pronto.

11:58 A.M. Tweet: “Released from an asbestos case…back to the jury selection room.”

Reading, drinking coffee, eating a muffin and eavesdropping on other peoples conversations…

2:48 P.M. Tweet: “Clear! Done with jury duty for a year.”

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