Is it arrogant if I say I have a lot of talented friends? Well now that I’ve said it…I’ve written a lot recently about fellow entrepreneurs: the young, ambitious and innovative. My friends, Jake Nordwind and Adam Baumgarten are all of these things with one caveat, they are hilarious too!

This College Life is Jake Nordwind and Adam Baumgarten’s brainchild. They’ve been posting weekly webisodes for the past six months. Here’s one of my recent favorites:
Episode 18 from This College Life on Vimeo.

Each episode chronicles the lives of Jake and Adam as Jake makes Adam’s life at college progressively more miserable. The web based show is consistently funny and totally topical for those in college (or those who recently graduated and sometimes like to pretend they are still in college).

Jake and Adam started by promoting their videos on Facebook and have since launched their own site: They have a following of about 5,000 fans mostly from Los Angeles and New York. Check them out and let me know what you think.

And for kicks, here’s one of Jake’s slightly more…controversial videos:
Hitler: The College Years, 2 from This College Life on Vimeo.

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