I promised myself I would never do this. But I have swallowed my pride and joined a dating website. Here are my reasons/excuses:

Reasons: I’m in the midst of an awful slump. After moving back to LA, my summer started with a bang. I met tons of women and went on a great series of dates. But this past month has not been as good. There are tons of reasons for this. I’ve been working overtime to launch my website, Jaspar Weir, my social guru, has been in a committed relationship and has thus been incapable of passing along the proper inspiration, and finally, when I do find the time and energy to go out I’m always with the same group of people, a group in which my “options” have long since been exhausted.

Excuses: I’m not joining any normal dating website. My friend Adam Sachs started his own dating website called Ignighter and the concept behind it is awesome. The concept is called group dating. Instead of putting up your own profile and searching desperately for blind dates, you put together a group of your friends and start a group profile and start meeting other groups in your area. This removes all the awkwardness from the dating process and provides a really convenient way to connect with new groups of people.

Updates to come soon.

  1. August 04, 2008

    finally! some honorary mention!!

  2. August 04, 2008

    pipe down, you’ll get your turn. I’ve got an up coming post about Jaspar’s broken heart..shhhh don’t let him know.

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