When the primaries began (all those years ago) my dream race was between John McCain and Barack Obama. At the time both men were long shots, names like Clinton, Romney, and Giuliani were front runners. However, McCain and Obama both seemed to stand for the things our country needs most: fresh perspective, independent thought and a political approach that stood above the mudslinging that American politics has been reduced to. On this last count John McCain has failed of recent. Here’s the ad:

  1. August 01, 2008

    This from a man who promised no negative ads!!! He is beginning to Whine!!!

    I love that his campaign head said that Obama played the “race card” and that was “negative and devisive” – so what does he call this new add which McCain publicly backed yesterday?

    Robyn Hawk

  2. August 01, 2008


    I think your right. I am a little shocked to be honest. For so long McCain proved himself above these tactics. But in the past week he seems to have gotten desperate.


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