Monday afternoon was miserable. My partner, Jaspar Weir and I had just met with our web developers to discuss design possibilities and our heads were spinning. We sat for hours debating design detail after design detail, coming to no intelligible conclusions. How should we diagram the service? Do we start with what we can do or how we get it done? Grey, Green or Blue? By the end of the day I felt as if we had spent the entire afternoon in cramped a Smart Car trying to knock over the Great Wall of China. We had ineffectually rammed the three-cylinder machine against the thick stone 70 or 80 times and hadn’t yet cracked the surface. This wasn’t working.

Having just listened to Dr. Stuart Brown lecture on The Importance of Play, I proposed a solution. “Jas, instead of doing this tomorrow why don’t we go have fun,” and that we did. We started the day with a hike in Temescal Canyon, making our way up to the rock formations that overlook Santa Monica Bay. While doing this we talked far more open-mindedly than ever before about ideas and strategies for the web design. Once we reached the top of the rock formations however we sat in silence. Enjoying the breeze and the view and giving ourselves space from the idea.

After lunch at Café Vida in the Pallisades, we headed over to our friend Taylor’s house. Taylor Robinson and Bryce Widelitz (yes a Bryce Widelitz = a different Bryce) are good friends of ours who are launching their own business as well. Their concept is awesome. Design Your Dorm allows college students to virtually customize their dorm rooms before they even set foot on campus. Students can chat with future roommates, check out their rooms past set ups and collaborate on their room’s new layout. Best of all they can purchase furniture, posters and appliances for their room, all of which is delivered to the room before the students even begin to move in.
The four of us spent an hour discussing our ideas, strategies and challenges. Being a few months ahead in the process, Taylor and Bryce were able to provide us with salient advice, great resource recommendations, and an itch for a little friendly competition.

Giving myself a day of play has left me rejuvenated and motivated to push ahead. I’m ready for tomorrow’s meetings with the lawyers and the designers. Most importantly I have reaffirmed my appreciation of the freedom, excitement and hard work this entrepreneurial life style brings to bare.

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