Allow me to take a moment to express my hatred for Cyber Squatters. I vaguely remembering hearing of the practice of buying up catchy domain names for no other purpose than to resell them to others at exorbitant prices, but I failed to realize the depth of the problem until now.

My partner, Jaspar Weir, and I have spent the past week simply trying to think of a name for our personal outsourcing business. We have even gone as far as offering a $100 reward for a good name (see “A Word on ‘What I am Doing’”), all to no avail. Every half decent name we have thought of is occupied by an “Internet Entrepreneur” from Russia, China or Eastern Europe, asking between $500 and $50,000 (yes that’s right $50K) for the domain.

I love capitalism, but the Internet Real Estate Market is not a market it’s extortion.

  1. j
    July 23, 2008

    I’m enjoying your blog…I really like your style of writing!!! I do feel your pain in regards to “Cyber Squatters”. I really wanted: “Myl life sucks”, as a name for my blog…had to settle for “My life is crap”…I’m sure you’ll figure something out…it’s probably easier to use an abbreviation for a site name, that would be easier to remember and catchy…like I use MLIC instead of “My life is crap”, at the end of stories I publish…try doing something similar for the actual domain name…then having the full site name as your title once inside…

  2. July 24, 2008

    Thanks J. I dig your blog too, great design.

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