One of the challenges of writing a personal blog is deciding what to reveal about the other characters in your life. So I keep everyone nameless, except for one character – Jaspar Weir: my business partner/social guru. This is partially because he’s the most prominent character in my life and partially because he has so little shame I can’t imagine anything I could say would offend him.

Today I am proud to announce that Jaspar has gotten himself a blog! Now you can satisfy all your curiosities about him at: “My Quest to be a Ninja and other things too…” It’s certain to be an entertaining exploration of one of the most unique individuals I know…if he stays focused enough to keep writing that is.

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  1. July 18, 2008

    I read Jaspar’s blog and just from one entry I can tell it is much more interesting, intelligent, thought provoking, sexy, hard-working, tall, handsome, and creative.

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