I am finding it increasingly difficult to succinctly answer the question, “What do you do?” I attempted to answer this question in a recent post (see “Living Home”) but I have so far left the details of my endeavors out of this blog. Let me say this:

My goal is to be a wildly successful serial entrepreneur. To this end I am in the process of developing a web based business in the personal outsourcing space. If you need a refresher on personal outsourcing see “My Outsourced Life”.

This also means I have spent the past six weeks working with web developers and negotiating with call centers in Kenya, India and the Philippines. However the most difficult task of all has been trying to think of a catchy name. So I put it to you: if you have any ideas for a name please leave a comment or email: themwgroup@gmail.com. If we use your suggestion we will give you $100 and a free month subscription to our service.*

*You must be the first to suggest the name. One winner only.

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