It has been over a week since I’ve written. This may explain why…

At the start of another week it is worth reflecting on the general trajectory of weeks in my life at present. Weekdays follow the same routine: Wake up somewhere between 6 and 7:30, work out and then meet up with Jaspar around 10 either at my house or the office downtown to work on our project. Work ends somewhere between 5 and 6, allowing Jaspar to make it to the gym and me to catch a Spanish or meditation class…or a late afternoon nap. After dinner with the family, I’ll read or watch a Spanish movie and be in bed by 11.

Monday through Wednesday this routine is pretty inspired. But by Wednesday night both Jas and I have the social itch. This generally leaves me calling up some close friends to head out to bars in Santa Monica or (if I’m really lucky) a girl for a date, while Jaspar heads out to Goa or one of Hollywood’s many other hottest nightclubs. The consequence of which is a slow Thursday, and by the time we get our bearings back on Friday we are too focused on the weekend to be effective. Oh the curse of the early twenties!

Weekends I don’t work. Aside from the occasional review of a proposal or research into an area I don’t completely understand, I spend most of my time with family and friends. In theory this is a nice balance to a hard working week, but having sacrificed Thursday and Friday to socializing, I often find myself behind schedule, stressed out and totally off balance.

On the one hand I view it as a problem of discipline. I need to learn to say no to the desire to go out until 2 am on a Wednesday night. But on weeks where I am able to instill this sort of rigor, I find myself lonely and depressed. Examining it objectively I think it is actually a problem of balance itself. To cut myself off completely from my friends during the week only to emerge with a vengeance on the weekends is no way to live. The challenge becomes interspersing brief connections with friends through out the week to keep my social yearnings at bay. As with most things, I am finding this easier said than done.

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