It’s been labeled the Quarter Life Crisis and The Odyssey Years. I call it my life. My name is Bryce Maddock, and I am a(n)…

Well that’s just the problem isn’t it? I was born and raised in Santa Monica, a coastal city where no one seems to have a real job, a place where Priuses line Starbucks parking lots from dawn till dusk, and the city’s government council is so far to the left it has been dubbed the People’s Republic of Santa Monica. It’s an enclave of ex-hippies, turned yuppies, who live off inheritance or entertainment related residual checks.

For college I headed east. I graduated from NYU in three years with a degree in international relations. Being in New York with that degree the logical career path was finance. In truth, in New York any degree from English to Renaissance Studies leads to a finance job because following your academic interest or life’s passion in the city means Top Ramen dinners, a shoebox sized apartment and daily hour long commutes on the L train. For those who aspire to comforts and luxuries as I did, the only hope was a $60 K starting salary, with the possibility of a similar size annual bonus. So I got a job at a Wall Street investment bank as an analyst. The job was challenging, and exciting for a while. But anyone familiar with the banking world knows that there are only so many pitchbooks, cold calls, and 14 hour days in a windowless room, one can stand before considering of other possibilities. After a year I packed it in. The money was not even close to worth what I was having to trade away: my dreams, my happiness and my health, during what could be some of the most exciting years of my life.

So here I find myself. Back at home (yes with the parents) in Santa Monica, searching for a life of excitement, meaning, and hopefully a few of the creature comforts I had while working in New York. This is the journal of my Odyssey years…

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  1. June 01, 2008

    dude, I came across your blog on bloggerforum. I dunno if we’re all like this after college, but I feel like I’m in exactly the same situation – moved from virginia to manhattan last year after graduation, got an analyst position on wall street, couldn’t stand it, so now I’m back home (also with the parents!) looking for what I really want to do.

    good luck with your goals, man!

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