Traffic and Productivity in the Philippines

Traffic – we all hate it. But traffic’s relationship to the economy is much more complicated than just that. Think about your day and how traffic can affect you. it can make you late to work, which can make you feel stressed out before you even get to your desk, negatively impacting your day right from the start. Statistics say a city where employees travel less time to get to work is likely to be more productive than one where travel takes longer. Time is money and the more time

People Power: Then and Now

I’ve just returned from an amazing week at our offices in the Philippines. The week coincided with the 30th anniversary of the People Power Revolution. The People Power revolution took place in 1986 when the Filipino people rose up against the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, ending 21 years of authoritarian rule and forming the foundation of today’s democracy. Marcos is the famously corrupt Filipino leader whose policies impoverished the people, while he amassed a private fortune most famously exemplified by his wife Imelda’s collection of 10,000 designer shoes. In 1983,

Chatbots At Your Service!

Last week I downloaded a new app from Quartz, a news site. The app is amazingly simple! A text message interface that serves readers one news story at a time. The reader is given a choice between two potential responses, one of which is usually an emoji related to the story or a question prompting the app to tell you more, the other is “anything else?” which let’s the reader skip to the next story in the queue. Opting for the “tell me more” choice reveals two text messages, one

The Triathlon of Business

In 2015 I made it a personal mission to complete a triathlon, more specifically, an Ironman. A triathlon, for the uninitiated, consists of swimming, biking and running in succession. There are various distances but the Olympic or International Distance, one of the most popular distances, is a 1.5k swim, 40k bike ride and a 10k run. Top athletes can complete this in under an hour and fifty minutes. The idea for the Ironman – the pinnacle race in the sport – came out of an argument that took place in

Lessons Learned from the Brink of Extinction

  I run a customer service outsourcing company that helps consumer technology companies to scale quickly. We provide customer support and back office services to the most technologically advanced firms in the world. It is an interesting position to be in. Most of our clients would love to automate the work we do, and, if anyone is going to automate, our clients , who employ tens of thousands of the most advanced developers in the world among them, will be among the first to do it. So you can imagine


On this day 10 years ago, at just after 9 pm, my heart raced and my vision narrowed as I looked out the front door of the Sports Club LA (now Equinox) at a line of 1200 teenagers. The months of hard work, promotion and marketing had paid off and we now had the most popular all age nightclub in the history of Los Angeles. The problem was we hadn’t finished building the nightclub yet. Inside the lobby of LA’s largest gym a crew was working as quickly as they

The TaskUs Scholars 2015

At TaskUs we are all about creating an incredible Employee Experience. We know that the most important thing to many of our employees is their children. At the same time, we feel a tremendous amount of gratitude to the places where we open offices. We tap into the educated people of these regions pairing them with opportunities for meaningful employment from some of the world’s most exciting companies. We know that we would be nothing without our people and their education. So in an effort to give back, sustain and

What About the Employee Experience?

Customer support representatives manage some of the most important interactions along the customer journey, gaining real time insights that tell an organization when they’re getting it right, and when they have veered off track. In many cases, these people are all that sits between your brand and your customers. But what about the relationship between your brand and these frontline staff? These days everyone is obsessed with customer experience, but too often we ignore the impact of an equally important aspect: the employee experience. As a company in the outsourcing

What TaskUs Stands For

In 2009 we opened the first TaskUs office in the Philippines. We rented a small room, on the third floor of an old building in Bacoor, Cavite. The floors beneath us housed an elementary school and an auto body shop. Jaspar and I had started TaskUs nine months earlier and invested our life savings. We experimented with hiring contractors from 16 different countries and finally decided that we needed to open our own central office to control quality. When we arrived in the Philippines, we only had a few thousand

On Air in the Philippines

Last week got interviewed by Sakto, a program on the Philippine’s top TV station ABS-CBN. Check out the video here. It was a great chance to tell the TaskUs story and explain what we are doing differently. This year I’ve spent nearly half of my time working at our offices in the Philippines, as we have doubled the size of our staff! I’m really excited for some big announcements in the weeks to come.