Don’t Be a Hater: 3 Ways to Increase Engagement at Work

Complaints about work pervade society. Look no further than a week of social media posts complaining about going into work on Monday, getting over hump day and celebrating the arrival of the weekend. Ironically, study after study (including recent ones from the Daniels School of Business and treatises like Charles Murray’s “The Happiness of People”  find that doing meaningful work is one of the greatest sources of satisfaction in life, and a recent Gallup study found the longer someone is unemployed the more depressed they become. So why do so

Mindful Business: Lessons From 7 Days in Silence

Every year I make it a point to go on a silent meditation retreat as a way to focus my mind and keep myself grounded. This year I attended a weeklong retreat in Tahoe led by Zen teacher Adyashanti. Sitting in total silence for seven days is often physically and mentally excruciating. A lot of interesting things happen when you stop talking and just sit with yourself, and every retreat I come away with valuable lessons, many of them applicable to business. Here are the seven biggest lessons from my

TaskUs Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

On Friday, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded whipped through the Philippines, leaving a wake of devastation in its path. With maximum sustained winds of 195 miles per hour, it is impossible to fully comprehend the force of the storm without witnessing it firsthand, but here are a few videos that will help depict its power. Early reports estimate that 10,000 people have died, 600,000 have been displaced from their homes and nearly 10 million have been directly affected. Today, four days after the storm, bodies still line the

Differences between crowdsourcing and outsourcing; The future of sales

The past week has been filled with great conferences featuring TaskUs founders, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, as speakers. CrowdConf TaskUs CEO, Bryce Maddock, spoke at CrowdConf alongside CrowdFlower founder, Chris Van Pelt. The discussion, titled “Crowdsourcing vs. Outsourcing,” offered valuable insight from the industry-leading execs about the differences between crowdsourcing and outsourcing. The two business models offer the same overarching service to businesses: taking over baseline work that you would otherwise have to do in-house. However, there are major differences between crowdsourcing and outsourcing that need to be realized before you move forward

Speaking at Social Media Week LA

Recently, I spoke at Social Media Week LA on a panel about “The New Anti-Establishment: Disruptive Practices of the Shared Economy.” I was joined by was joined by Uber LA GM, William Barnes, and the founder and CEO of Surf Air, Wade Eyerly. Continue reading for three takeaways on the shared economy, or click play above to listen to our discussion. What is the shared economy, anyways? Simply put, the shared economy is about utilizing assets that are underutilized. The shared economy is an economic and social approach that enables

TaskUs 5 Year Anniversary

This morning, I walked into the office and the entire TaskUs Santa Monica team surprised me with a card, breakfast burritos and champagne. I was totally caught off guard. What was the special occasion? According to our Articles of Incorporation, TaskUs was started five years ago today. Taleen, our office manager, looked this up (thanks to a bit of Dropbox espionage) and worked with our team to plan a surprise for Jaspar and me. Unbelievable on so many levels. After a burrito and a chat with the team, I settled

The TaskUs Difference

An Open Letter To Our Amazing TaskUs Family (Posted Friday, August 23rd 2013) Dear TaskUs Family, You are the strongest, most resilient group of people I have ever encountered. It saddens me that I am again writing to you under these circumstances, but I am reassured by the strength, passion and unrelenting positivity I witness in every single one of you. Just over a year ago I posted a similar letter to the entire TaskUs Family. At the time, we had just pulled through two days of typhoons and extreme flooding. Last year,

“Do You Feel Bad?”

“Do you feel bad?” When I tell people what I do, the first thing many ask is, “Do you feel bad about taking jobs away from Americans?” I’m an outsourcer. I run a company called TaskUs that employs 15 people in America and over 500 people in the Philippines. In a recent PandoDaily article I’m quoted saying, “You can’t skirt the fact that these are jobs that could potentially go to people in the U.S. but instead are going to people in the Philippines…That’s criticism that we respect. But it’s

Lean Out-sourcing

It seems everyone is talking about interns; from the Sheryl Sandberg LeanIn.Org controversy to court cases scattered throughout the U.S., the topic of interns has been covering headlines. For you, it’s relevant because summer is coming to an end and all of your interns are going back to school, leaving you scrambling, trying to figure out ways to delegate their tasks to your full-time employees. In my opinion, the purpose of interns should not be to supplement your business or to derive free labor, it should be to teach and

Why Start a Business in the Philippines?

Last week, I told you about my experience speaking at a conference in the Philippines about “The Filipino Opportunity.” I cannot emphasize enough the confidence I have in the capabilities of the Filipino people and their value to the global economy. This week, I was featured on a PayRoll Hero web series about my experience starting a business in the Philippines. The list of things you must consider before opening a business or office abroad is endless. If I could offer one piece of advice to anyone thinking about opening